RSS Reader for Linux.


$ sudo dnf install newsboat


 newsboat  x86_64  2.23-1.fc34    updates  2.5 M

Installing dependencies:
 stfl      x86_64  0.22-37.fc34   fedora    50 k

Total download size: 2.5 M
Installed size: 10 M

Add RSS feeds. Open ~/.newsboat/urls and add RSS feeds one per line

Modify the config file ~/.newsboat/config as seen here.

# general settings
auto-reload yes

# unbind keys
unbind-key j
unbind-key k

# bind keys for vim up/down
bind-key j down
bind-key k up

# solarized

color background         default   default
color listnormal         default   default
color listnormal_unread  default   default
color listfocus          black     cyan
color listfocus_unread   black     cyan
color info               default   black
color article            default   default

# highlights
highlight article "^(Title):.*$" blue default
highlight article "https?://[^ ]+" red default
highlight article "\\[image\\ [0-9]+\\]" green default

# browser
browser "firefox %u"

Load the app:

$ newsboat

Select a feed by pressing Enter. Use the q (quit) to return to the previous screen.