• MS in Engineering Management
  • MS in Computer Science at Georgia Tech (in progress)

Tech Skills

  • Python: Automation scripts, web scraping, data analytics with Pandas, TDD
  • Java: Android development, Hadoop, TDD
  • Javascript: D3 visualizations
  • Databases: SQL, database design
  • Machine Learning: 2 online courses in Cornell online. Wrote a paper in NLP at Gatech.
  • PowerBI: Map visualizations in production to a few dozen users.
  • Power Automate: Using Python and sharepoint in production to a hundred users.
  • GCP: Location API data
  • IntelliJ IDEA: Java and Android Studio
  • Sublime: Main text editor. I know Vim too. Regex.
  • Linux: Fedora 34, GNOME 40.

Things I studied but don’t use

  • Scala, Spark
  • AWS, Azure, Databricks
  • Tableau

Things I want to study

  • NodeJS, ReactJS, GraphQL
  • PySpark, Airflow
  • GCP
  • React Native
  • Kubernetes

Georgia Tech Courses I took

  • AI Ethics: Fairness and bias of AI and machine learning models. NLP, Computer Vision.
  • Software Development: SDLC, Java, JUnit, TDD, Android, Git, IntelliJ IDEA
  • Database Design: Data modeling (IFD, EER), SQL, MySQL.
  • Data and Visual Analytics: Python, Java, Javascript, D3, Tableau, Hadoop, Scala/Spark, AWS, Azure, Machine Learning, NLP
  • Human-Computer Interaction: UX Research, Agile Development, Peer Reviewed research papers.

Georgia Tech Courses pending to take

Summer 2022:

  • Network Security

Fall 2022:

  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Software Analysis

Spring 2023:

  • Machine Learning for Trading

Fall 2023:

  • Graduate Algorithms


Exploring roles in Software Engineering, Product Management, TPM, Developer Advocate, or other tech related role.

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