How to install Ubuntu on a computer that had another OS with partitions.

I had a computer with Fedora 30. I tried to update to 35 but it wouldn’t work. It said to update to the next version 31 but it also failed with low space on root and boot. I decided to replace it with the latest version of Ubuntu. I already had another computer with the latest Fedora version.

When trying to install Ubuntu from a USB and setting up the partitions, the delete (minus sign) button was disabled to remove current partitions. Also, selecting the New Partition Table on sdb which is the disk I wanted to use, said that the lvm for this disk was used by fedora group, which was a warning with only an OK button.

This post on askubuntu here said to run two commands on the terminal while in the install process, however I couldn’t access the terminal using the shortcut.

  • Go to the Ubuntu website and download the ISO
  • Load the ISO into a USB. In Fedora this can be done with Fedora Media Writer.
  • Connect the USB to the computer, enter the BIOS and boot with USB.
  • Enter Live mode.

Go to the terminal and run:

sudo vgdisplay
sudo vgremove <groupname>

On the desktop double click the install icon.

  • Follow steps. For installation type, select Something else.
  • In partition selection: Select partition to remove and New Partition Table

For a 250GB SSD this is how I partitioned:

  • root 100GB, ext4
  • boot 16GB, ext4
  • home 100GB, ext4
  • swap 32GB, swap area

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