I have been using a lot of task management over the years, including a lot of project management software.

I wanted something simple that I could open from the Terminal.

I am a big fan of CLI tools and found TaskWarrior. Which I have been using for the last few years.

Taskwarrior looks like this:

Taskwarrior to conquer Data Science with Python

You can install Taskwarrior on Windows, Mac or Linux.

For Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt install taskwarrior

In Linux Fedora:

$ dnf install taskwarrior

On Mac:

$ brew install task
$ brew install taskd
$ brew install tasksh

For Windows. The easiest is to install first Cygwin, a Linux-like interface to simulate the Terminal. In one of the install steps it will ask you to choose which modules to install. Just select the one that says task.

Once installed, it is very easy to use if you know the commands.

Using TaskWarrior

To add a task I use this:

$ task add project:python Write awesome lesson learned due:today

To update a task I use this:

$ task 1 modify due:monday

To get a list of tasks:

$ task list

To complete a task:

$ task 1 done

There are all sorts of combinations in the official doc here.

  • Syntax
  • Best practices
  • Examples
  • Searching
  • Reports
  • Filters
  • Tags

Bash Script

I saw that often I had to do this:

$ clear
$ task list

I wanted to see the task list dashboard with just one word.

Created a bin directory in my home folder:

$ mkdir ~/bin/

Created a file called work

$ cd ~/bin
$ touch work
$ chmod +x work

Inside the file I just added this:

clear && task list