These are things I want to do in 2022.

I started my MS in CS at Georgia Tech about 3 years ago. I completed 5 classes but dropped about other 3 or 4. Three months ago I was on a quest to specialize in machine learning. After taking AI Ethics last fall I learned about the biases of AI/ML algorithms and not sure I want to be part of that quest anymore. While it’s good to know some ML. The lack of proper data governance in AI/ML is leading to more biased algorithms.

I switched my specialization again. It was Machine Learning. Then it was Interactive Intelligence (which was basically a bad name for ML Part 2). Now switched to Computing Systems. I believe in having a stronger foundation in CS. I see that languages are all sort of similar. Java, Python, Scala, Javascript. It’s rather easy to pick up a language. While ML is basically statistics, math, and algorithms in one package. They can be learned with a strong CS foundation.

I got my roadmap set for the rest of the MS:

  • Summer: Network Security
  • Fall: Software Architecture and Software Analysis
  • Spring ‘23: Machine Learning
  • Fall ‘23: Advanced Algorithms

Learning a full tech stack for web/mobile development

ML is very complicated to learn and not in love anymore of being a data scientist. Perhaps a ML engineer but that requires advanced experience in software engineering.

I am reading the Steve Jobs bio…again. In my last attempts I didn’t read beyond the first 15% of the book due to lack of time. In one of the chapters I am reading about Jobs obsession with the user interface.

In the following three months I am making my best efforts to learn the tech stack React/Node/GraphQL (and React Native) to build web and mobile apps so I can translate my ideas to products that users can test.

More about my ideas here.

I am on a quest to learn these:

  • JIRA
  • Node, React, GraphQL
  • Moving from cron to Airflow (Python DAG and Spark jobs in Scala)
  • Deploy an app to GCP witk Kubernetes and Terraform
  • React Native and deploy an app to the AppStore

Reading books

These resolutions are rather short term than whole year. I realized when taking a class at GaTech, I usually don’t have time for anything else, and that led me to not take any classes this semester.

I will try my best to complete these books:

  • Steve Jobs Bio
  • Agile estimating and planning
  • The Star Schema
  • Algorithms Illuminated
  • The clean coder
  • The pragmatic programmer
  • The passionate programmer
  • Math for Computer Science
  • Information Architecture

Keeping myself accountable

I use TaskWarrior, a terminal todo app to keep progress of my learning, but I want to publish my todo to the public. Perhaps as a first simple app I can do a todo web app that I can share and anyone can send me feedback or some sort of encouragement or mentorship.

Interest in finance

I want to learn more about stock market and this could help me for a future class I will take. Perhaps a mobile app related to stocks or crypto.

Interest in algorithms

I must get a stronger foundation of algorithms this year. Maybe building the snake game using the Node/React stack with a menu to select the type of algorithm to use when playing, with more details of how the algorithm works.

Interest in data engineering

Looking to get more experience engineering pipelines. Maybe build a web app that collects dozens of sources and publishes a dashboard with some metric.

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