Recruiting on Linkedin with Kudos. Search on Linkedin using kudos, kudos categories, and profile keywords.

I’ve seen on my Linkedin feed that people appreciate a team member using the hashtag #kudos and a kudos category hashtag.

Here is the official document where Linkedin explain how Kudos works. Kudos on Linkedin

Recruiting on Linkedin with Kudos

There are 10 kudos category hashtags:

  • ThankYou
  • GoingAboveAndBeyond
  • InspirationalLeader
  • TeamPlayer
  • GreatJob
  • MakingWorkFun
  • AmazingMentor
  • OutsideTheBoxThinker
  • GreatPresentation
  • MakingAnImpact

You can use any combination of #kudos and a kudos category above for recruiting on Linkedin with Kudos.

A boolean search doesn’t seem to work to combine the hashtag kudos with all combinations of categories in one line. Also, a Google search for this inurl:kudos does not work.

Here are each of the Linkedin URLs for each category.

Kudos and ThankYou

Linkedin Kudos and ThankYou

Kudos and GoingAboveAndBeyond

Linkedin Kudos and GoingAboveAndBeyond

Kudos and InspirationalLeader

Linkedin Kudos and InspirationalLeader

Kudos and TeamPlayer

Linkedin Kudos and TeamPlayer

Kudos and GreatJob

Linkedin Kudos and GreatJob

Kudos and MakingWorkFun

Linkedin Kudos and MakingWorkFun

Kudos and AmazingMentor

Linkedin Kudos and AmazingMentor

Kudos and OutsideTheBoxThinker

Linkedin Kudos and OutsideTheBoxThinker

Kudos and GreatPresentation

Linkedin Kudos and GreatPresentation

Kudos and MakingAnImpact

Linkedin Kudos and MakingAnImpact

Linkedin Kudos, Kudos Categories and Profile Keywords

Narrow down your search recruiting on Linkedin using Linkedin Kudos, Kudos categories, and searching for profile keywords.

For example search on Linkedin for #kudos, #TeamPlayer, and kubernetes.

Recruiting on Linkedin for Kubernetes

Or search Kubernetes on Linkedin using the Kudos category #GreatJob.

Recruiting on Linkedin for Kubernetes and GreatJob

Linkedin search for engineering managers using #kudos, #AmazingMentor and (Microsoft OR Amazon OR AWS OR Apple)

Recruiting on Linkedin for Microsoft, Amazon, AWS, Apple

Using Linkedin Comments and Likes to find talent

The above Linkedin search has a result of someone from AWS thanking their manager. It has 48 likes and 2 comments. One of the comments is from the manager. The 48 likes are AWS team members.

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