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A short description of my vimrc config file.

Edit with:

vim ~/.vimrc

I want to see the line number always:

set number

Show the line number, the column number, and the relative position of the cursor in the file, as a percentage. More details here.

set ruler

Show the current static always.

set laststatus=2

I like writing blog posts with lines wrapped at 80 characters without creating a new line.

set wrap
set columns=80
set linebreak

I also have a few Plugins. Read this tutorial to install a plugin in Vim.

  • Markdown with correct code highlight
  • A better JSON for Vim
  • Color schemes

And my favorite: Autosave in Vim.

More details:

set number
set ruler

" See the current static always
set laststatus=2

" Wrap at 80 characters, don't create a new line
set wrap
set columns=80
set linebreak " breaks by word instead of character

set nocompatible
filetype off
set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
call vundle#begin()

" let Vundle manage Vundle, required
Plugin 'VundleVim/Vundle.vim'

" Plugins
" To install plugins launch vim and :PluginInstall
" To list plugins launch vim and :PluginList
Plugin 'godlygeek/tabular'

" Markdown with correct code highlight
" and spell check disabled as seen on:
au FileType markdown setlocal nospell
Plugin 'gabrielelana/vim-markdown'

" A better JSON for Vim as seen on:
Plugin 'elzr/vim-json'

" Color schemes
Plugin 'tomasr/molokai'
Plugin 'flazz/vim-colorschemes'

" Autosave
Plugin '907th/vim-auto-save'
let g:auto_save = 1
let g:auto_save_in_insert_mode = 0

call vundle#end()
filetype plugin indent on
" To ignore plugin indent changes, instead use:
" filetype plugin on