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Installing Dropbox on Linux

Follow this short tutorial for installing Dropbox on Linux

Installing Dropbox on Linux

Go here and choose an installer.

There are 3 options:

  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Compile from source

Too Many Dropbox Directories

If you have too many directories. More than 10,000. Dropbox will stop running.

Stop dropbox:

$ dropbox stop

Run this:

$ echo fs.inotify.max_user_watches=100000 | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf; sudo sysctl -p

Restart Dropbox:

$ dropbox start

Install Dropbox Tray Icon

I am using Fedora and recently followed this tutorial on another machine. I realized that the Dropbox was not on the tray. I wanted to sync only a few files. And without the icon is close to impossible.

$ dropbox stop

On Chrome. Install GNOME shell extensions

If you don't have it installed. When you open this page. There will be a notification towards the top that says:

To control GNOME Shell extensions using this site you must install
GNOME Shell integration that consists of two parts:
browser extension and native host messaging application.
Click here to install browser extension.

Go to Click here to install browser extension.

A popup opens asking Add GNOME shell integration?. Hit Add extension.

A new notification (warning) message now shows:

Although GNOME Shell integration extension is running,
native host connector is not detected.

Install chrome-gnome-shell. Applicable to Ubuntu or Fedora. Mine is Fedora:

$ sudo dnf install chrome-gnome-shell

Install TopIcons Plus. Go to chrome and install the TopIcons extension. Then set the switch to ON.

Restart dropbox:

$ dropbox start

Sync specific folder

Now the Dropbox icon should be on the taskbar.

Go to the Dropbox icon. Preferences. Sync. Selective Sync.

Then choose the folders that you want to sync.