Installing BrosTrend Wifi USB in Linux and troubleshooting.

I bought an Wifi USB from BrosTrend that comes with a big antenna. It might be 12 inches. Had some trouble installing on Linux so here is the tutorial:

As seen on this open source install repo. It has instructions for every distro.

For Fedora:

sudo dnf -y install git dkms kernel-devel kernel-debug-devel

Then it’s the same for all:

mkdir src
cd src/
git clone
cd src/8821cu
cd 8821cu/
sudo ./

This will build the install from source. Then it will ask if you want to edit the driver. To make it easy. Answer N. Then it will ask to reboot. Answer Y.


Updating your system might undo this install. Such as sudo dnf update and rebooting. Then the install above seems to disappear.

Go to the repo:

cd src/8821cu/
sudo ./ 

Reboot. Then:

cd src/8821cu/
sudo ./

Reboot again.

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