Music for Coding or Not

People ask me often what type of music I listen to while coding or computering.


This reminded me of that article by codinghorror about music not to code by.

I am a music fan.

When coworking in Chicago I always wore DJ headphones.

Studio headphones

The top 10 albums I listened to while coding:

1. The Fragile by NIN

This album is awesome

2. Master of Puppets by Metallica

I know how to play all these songs on the bass

3. Bossanova by Pixies

If you don't like this you are insane

4. Jar of Flies by AIC

Nutshell inspired me to learn music

5. Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins

I test headphones by listening to Cherub Rock

6. One Life Stand by Hot Chip

100.times while looping in Chicago

7. Around the Fur by Deftones


8. Iowa by Slipknot

No code Left Behind

9. 8:30 by Weather Report

Took me 6 months to learn Slang

10. Far Beyond Driven by Pantera

I bought this just for the parental advisory

Not a typo.

You read correctly.

Listened to.

Listened to, because listening to this music while coding…

Is an efficiency wreck.

The moment you start humming a song.

You lose focus.

Your brain needs to be thinking about solving that problem.

And not thinking about the tune.

Or about singing.

The top 3 albums I listen to while coding

1. None

I put on my noise cancelling headphones.

And I listen to.


I googled nothing and I got a black screen

The noise cancelling works so well.

That I can hear my brain.

And nothing else.

2. Nature sounds

Like a river

Not the beach or it will put you to sleep

Sounds of the city.

Street noise.

3. Chopin

In particular these songs into a for loop

  • Waltz No 1. in D-Flat major
  • Preludes, Op 28 No 2 in A minor
  • Nocturne No 20 in C sharp minor

20.times do Chopin

Being a Spotify DJ


You put a song.


Then put another song.


This is an efficiency crazy train wreck.

Crazy train coding wreck

Don’t do that.